Saturday, May 14, 2005

Infinite Creation vs. Finite Decreation

In the major strand of…the western religious-aesthetic-philosophical discourse the question of Difference is isomorphic with the iso/function of “spirit”: to elevate or “infinitize”, create, disrupt and sublimate and is indissociable from Repetition i.e. “matter” - whose function is always to “finitize”, mechanise, bring down and establish identities (and “desublimate” or “decreate” them again)…. Sade (no.. not the cute singer… what a beautiful contrast!) Schopenhauer and Freud are probably the sole thinkers approaching “bare repetition” i.e. the truth of the matter of materialism (with a minimum “human all too human” idealism/“spirit”//through the back door) - they portray existence as a process of “decreation”: life creates (better.. has created) in order to destroy with as much suffering and blood as... possible…while Bergson and Deleuze frame life as an infinite boundless creating creation, no limits except our social selves with their petty ego driven representations….