Wednesday, August 13, 2008


"I'm a religious man but not a religionist. Let's put it very simply. When we say that "man does not live by bread alone," that's a symbolic statement tersely put. What it means is that it isn't his success in the struggle for life-his getting bread, getting security, protecting wife and children-that sustains and sup­ports him. It's something you can't put your finger on; it's spirit. You can't name it, can't define it. It's greater than everything else; it includes everything. I think I sense it when I come in contact with it. I think you're aware of it when you talk to people. There are those of poor spirit and those of Great Spirit. None are without it, but the flame flickers pretty low in some cases. The majority of people seem to be nothing but a little flickering flame. You know that when you match them against an individual who is all fire, all radiance. Those in whom the flame of the spirit runs high are extraordinary examples of human beings". (Henry Miller)