Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Cinderella and the Big-Other

Things to do on “reality-TV” (as there is.,- fuck all else to do): read aloud the collected works of Baudrillard and Debord (or better just show the covers); discuss with your baboon inmates an complex hybrid of Berkeley’s and Anselm ontological proof of the existence of God and reality: how a bunch of morons can watch a bunch morons and still know that they exist if God is not watching, hence, God exists, since he is too busy watching himself...Peruse the collected works of Marx and Marcuse, by quoting abundantly from their works, focusing on the one-dimensionality and commodity fetishism of the capitalistic mode of production…proclaim no-logo Naomi Klein the pinup of the decade and that you want to see her naked in Playboy (or better still, Hustler) for didactic purposes7of course!: isn’t this the perfect illustration of Bataille’s eroticism, the non-logo queen in the logoliest of all brands? Well you get the drift…. and it's bound to happen; either because an automatic permutation of the spectacle is missing, or because of those unemployable PhD philosophers (of the continental variety) roaming around the streets likee packs of eye sunken wolves - intellectual expenditure without economic return (or is that suicide?) …would make Bataille proud ….

One could say it has already happened. Germaine Greer a “radical” feminist, always ready to criticize the phallic idiocy of the male species, happily Zooing in Big-Brother’s spectacular animalism…Who is next? Judith Butler?, Julia Kristeva? Luce Irigaray?, Helen Cixous?.

Do not all feminist secretly want their MTV, to erotically succumb back to their animal seductive simulating origins? Isn’t this what feminine “jouissance” is all about, the secret yearning for the porn dominance of the Lacanian “Big other”?...the spectacular slut within at last!!!...there goes Bataille again….and I’m off to dream about cute poststructuralist feminists engaging in somewhat / unorthodox theorizing in the boudoir