Saturday, April 23, 2005

Fatal Strategies - The Divine Within

Since I still can’t sleep and insomnia is according to Cioran and Levinas the inlay epiphany of existence (in my case a stoned one, of the Skunk variety) … I guess, I’ll Blog on into the Chaosmos…as ever lexically incoherent and still hoping for more dubious chemicals coming my way....

The pope is dead (although God beat him to it) and the churches are still what Nietzsche called: the empty tombs of god. A strange post-modern irony is going on here. How come millions deeescended on Rome young and old, when every Sunday the local churches are half empty, populated by the ugly and the grey?

How come young people from around the world are praising a pope which would condemn their very being and acts (sexual or otherwise)? What’s going on if anything?

It reminds me of Zizek’s analysis of ideology (what no doubt has become in the post-modern age an ironic vertigo, ideology as irony) everybody knows the reality, they have seen through the opium veils of false consciousness yet they still do it; a case of “forgive them for they know what they are doing”.

Or is it a case of Baudrillard’s post-ideological, post-Debord seduction of signs in the simulacrum which has no other aim than to expend itself in the ecstasy of communication…Fatal STRATEGIES INDEED… the sheer seductive joy of participating in material ecstasy, without depth or intention - pure matter without spirit….all is surface and it definitely glitters, Jesus is a superstar…

Or could it be, dare I say, “ontologically genuine” - spirit gashing forth without exchange?